Decorative polyurethane wood varnish

High quality water based polyurethane crust acrylic varnish. Suitable for all exterior and interior wooden surfaces. It stands out for its great resistance to weather conditions and frequent washing. It is distinguished for its crystalline transparency, giving a special appearance to the wood. It is easy to paint, it has a mild smell and spreads wonderfully. Its elasticity allows it to monitor the contractions-expansions of the wood, without cracking or peeling.

»High protection
»Offers crystal clear
»Great elasticity and durability

The surface must be dry, stable and free of dust, other debris and loose old paint.
»On new surfaces: Before applying the varnish, remove the oils and resins with KRAFT BRUSH SOLVENT, wipe along with the water of the wood, remove the dust with a liquid without fluff cloth, cure the roses 1 K CARE apply preservative for protection against wood-eating insects and fungi. In case a colored appearance on the wood is required, it is recommended to apply 1-2 coats of KRAFT WOOD SHIELD impregnation varnish before the crust varnish.
»On already painted surfaces: Remove all old paints or varnishes with KRAFT REMOVER and then clean the surface with KRAFT BRUSH SOLVENT or scrub well until they are removed with the appropriate sandpaper. After the surface is completely dry and all residues are removed, repair all the defective parts of the wood with the appropriate putty.


»Before you start painting, dilute up to 10% vol. with tap water and stir well.
»Ensure that the humidity of the wood does not exceed 10%.
»Do not apply to wooden surfaces that are in contact with the ground or water.
»The strength of the material decreases in case of its application on horizontal surfaces that are pressed.
»A suitable painting tool is the brush.
»Apply 2 coats of KRAFT WOOD STYLE AQUA for an ideal result.
»Minimum repaint time 24 hours.
»Surface drying in ½-1 hour at 25 ° C and relative humidity 50%. The drying time is affected by the weather conditions.
»Do not apply at temperatures below 10 ° C and above 35 ° C as well as above 60% relative humidity.

WOOD STYLE AQUA Water Base Wood Varnish

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