Ripoline for wood and metals

High quality solvent ripolin for wood and metals. Provides excellent coverage and whiteness and is ideal for painting any wooden surface for indoor and outdoor use such as cabinets, doors, windows, etc. as well as for painting metals and walls. Offers a wonderful, smooth and durable surface with a flawless finish. Even in the brush application, the lines fade evenly, giving a beautiful surface. It stands out because it spreads beautifully, works smoothly and covers easily. Keeps the shade in adverse weather conditions for many years. Due to the durable membrane that it forms, it follows the contractions-expansions of the wood and does not allow the penetration of moisture.

»Flawless finish and texture
»Excellent coverage
»Easy work

The surface must be dry, stable and free of dust, other debris and loose old paint. In case of old rust, sand the surface with a suitable sandpaper and remove the dust.
Wet sanding is recommended for surface preparation.
»On new wooden surfaces: before applying the paint, apply 1 coat of KRAFT WOOD CARE for protection against worms, fungi, etc. then apply 1-2 coats of KRAFT VELATOURA
»On new metal surfaces: before applying the paint, apply 1-2 coats of KRAFT RUST BLOCKER or KRAFT MINIO.
»On mineral substrate surfaces: before applying the paint, apply 1 coat of KRAFT VELATOURA or KRAFT STAIN BLOCKER.
»On already painted surfaces: check the condition of the surface. If it is satisfactory, remove all possible loose remnants of old paint and apply the paint directly.

»Avoid application in case of impending rain for the next 7 days.
»The humidity of the wooden surface should not exceed 10%.
»Before you start painting, dilute up to 2% by volume. with KRAFT BRUSH SOLVENT or with KRAFT NITRO 1100 for application with a gun and mix well.
»Suitable painting tools are: Brush, roller or air gun.
“The product must be coloured exclusively with the KRAFT INSPIRED COLOR colouring system on the recommended colouring base.
“For uniformity in shade and final finish, it is recommended to use containers from the same production batch. In case of different batches it is recommended to mix them in one large container.
»Apply 2 coats of KRAFT WOOD PLUS for a perfect result.
»Apply only in open or well-ventilated area.
»Minimum repaint time 24-48 hours.
»Avoid large thickness of paint with one coat.
»In dark shades it is recommended to repaint after 48 hours.
»Surface drying in 4-5 hours at 25 ° C and relative humidity 50%. The drying time is affected by the weather conditions.
»In case of choosing a dark shade of low coverage or a shade with the appropriate indication from the KRAFT INSPIRED COLLECTION fan, it is recommended to precede application with KRAFT VELATOURA painted in a light shade of the same color family or KRAFT RUST BLOCKER from near.
” Do not apply at temperatures below 5°C and above 35°C and above 65% relative humidity.


»Clean the tools immediately after use, with KRAFT BRUSH SOLVENT and then with warm soapy water.
“Close the container tightly to keep it in good condition for future use and store it before and after use in a cool place away from exposure to sunlight or frost.
»Use of the painted surface is recommended after 48h and the material is completely dry.
»The surfaces are washable after at least 30 days from their painting.

WOOD PLUS Enamel Paint for Wood & Metals – WHITE

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