Siloxane coating for the protection of the Clima Total system

Decorative, ready to use, organic coating of high solids. It is based on a combination of UV-crosslinked, highly elastic polymer suspension reinforced with micromolecular polysiloxane (silicone), natural granules and additives. It is suitable for use on exterior or interior surfaces of standard building materials as well as on previously painted surfaces. It is certified according to ETA 10/0122, to be used with excellent results as the last layer in external thermal insulation systems, as it improves the durability and performance of these systems and especially the ClimaTotal system. WaterProof Plaster is specially designed for warm Mediterranean climates, to withstand high summer and winter temperatures. Due to its high elasticity and water repellency bonding technology, it offers a waterproof non-cracking film to protect structural surfaces. At the same time, it maintains its shades unchanged even in coastal areas, with high sunshine. It has high adhesion and excellent resistance to rain, frost, air pollution, sea humidity and sudden temperature changes. It has excellent mechanical strength, high water vapor permeability and perspiration.

»To ensure good adhesion of the Waterproof Plaster, the surface is required to be dry, free from dust, oils, salts, rust, loose paint and residue, puffy paints, etc.
»Before applying, remove psoriasis, fungi and greens by mechanical grinding, wash with soapy water and allow the background to dry.
»Use KRAFT Putty to fill in gaps, cracks and other worn surfaces. It is recommended that the fresh concrete, putty, plaster and gypsum surfaces be allowed to dry for at least 4 weeks before the application of WATERPROOF PLASTER.
»In application in the ClimaTotal system, it is recommended to apply a layer of Plaster Primer on the Strong Bond reinforcing coating. After 4-8 hours the Waterproof Plaster is applied.
»For plain masonry, it is recommended to apply a layer of WaterProof Coat before Plaster Primer if the surface is porous. After 24 hours the Plaster Primer is applied and then the Waterproof Plaster.

»Tools: Apply the product with a stainless steel metal spatula or viscous material gun.
“Cleaning tools: immediately after application, tools should be cleaned with warm water and soap or a detergent solution. Remove as much plaster from the tools as possible before cleaning.
»Dilution: Dilution of Waterproof Plaster is not recommended.
»Minimum repaint time: 1-2 hours at 25ºC and relative humidity 50%.
“Surface drying time: 24 hours at a temperature of 25ºC and relative humidity of 50%.
»Complete drying time: 14 days at a temperature of 25ºC and relative humidity 50%. Drying times are prolonged at lower temperatures and at higher relative humidity.
»Stir the product before use and at regular intervals during application with a mechanical drill.
»Do not apply at temperatures below 10 ° C and above 35 ° C as well as at humidity levels above 65%.
“Do not apply in case of imminent rain or in direct sunlight and wind. Protect the applied surface with burlap.

CLIMA TOP FLEXOSIL Silicone Flexible Plaster – WHITE – 25Kg

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