High-quality acrylic base spray of high quality, performance and durability. It has excellent resistance to weather conditions, high gloss which it maintains for a long time, high coverage, very good adhesion and elasticity and ideal application on all types of surfaces, such as wood, aluminum, iron and plastic (ABS, PVC etc).
– Dries quickly
• High quality acrylic base

Available in 20 RAL glossy shades, 2 matte (white and black), 3 phosphorescent (green, yellow and red magenta), 2 metallic (gold and silver) and 2 special effects (gold and silver).

Surfaces must be clean, dry and smooth, free of dust, oil or any loose material.

Shake the container well and for at least 1 minute before use. Keep a distance of 20 cm from the paint spot and press the valve firmly. Spray and apply the paint in thin layers to achieve the necessary finish.
The product is dry to the touch in 3-5 minutes and in depth in 18 hours and is repainted after 6-8 hours. These times vary depending on the weather conditions (relative humidity and temperature).
The spray valve is self-cleaning. To maintain the effectiveness of the valve it is necessary to turn the spray canister upside down after each application and press the valve until the paint supply stops.
Keep containers away from sources of ignition and heat sources.



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