White fine-grained water-soluble acrylic putty for interior and exterior surfaces. It has high resistance to humidity, temperature changes, alkalinity and is used for plastering walls, exposed concrete, ceilings, aerated concrete, gypsum boards and cement boards. It is simple to use and apply, dries quickly without cracking, rubs easily and gives a smooth finish ready for painting.
• White acrylic troweling putty
• Ideal for plastering walls, visible concrete, plasterboard, etc.

Available in white.

Surfaces must be clean, dry and smooth, free of dust, oil or any loose material.

In a clean bucket with 7-7.5 Kg of clean water and with constant stirring, a bag of 20 Kg Visto is added, until a homogeneous mass without lumps is created (ratio of about 2.5 parts powder to one part water). The finished mixture is workable for about 2-3 hours. It is applied in two successive layers that are about 4-5 hours apart from each other and in a total layer thickness of 1-5 mm, with a spatula, trowel or airless gun. It is sanded after about 7-8 hours with sandpaper. The surface must be well dried, cleaned and primed with 100% Acrylic Primer or Durovit or Acrylan Unco Eco before painting. It should not be applied at temperatures lower than 5°C, higher than 35°C and/or relative humidity above 80%.
The product is dry to the touch in 2-3 hours and is repainted after 4-5 hours, depending on the thickness of the layers. These times vary depending on the weather conditions (relative humidity and temperature).
Tools are cleaned immediately after use with water and if necessary with soap or detergent.



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