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Waterproof terrace waterproofing polyurethane roofing membrane

KRAFT TOTAL PROOF PU AQUA is a high quality waterproof polyurethane roofing sealant, specially designed for high strength and durability. Thanks to its innovative composition, it creates a water and moisture impermeable breathable membrane, which is highly resistant to adverse weather conditions, mechanical stress, UV radiation, stagnant water and ice. It maintains its elasticity from -15οC to 80οC and perfectly follows the contractions and expansions due to large or sharp temperature differences, preventing the appearance of cracks. Fully covers capillaries and cracks up to 1.5mm. It does not favor the deposition of dust and dirt on the surface, so it does not get dirty easily, maintaining its whiteness and reflective properties in the long run.
Due to its polyurethane composition, it dries quickly and offers walkability on the roof surface. It is easily applied even on wet substrates such as horizontal and sloping surfaces of cement, concrete, asphalt, asphalt membranes and is user and environment friendly, as it does not contain solvents. It is certified as a cold material, presenting high reflectivity of solar radiation and high emission coefficient of infrared radiation, as a result of which the surface temperature of the roofs is reduced and the energy efficiency of the building is improved.

»To ensure good adhesion to the background, the surface is required to be free of irregularities, clean and free of dust, oils, salts, rust, loose paint and residue, puffy paints, etc. The moisture content should not exceed 20%. Remove psoriasis, fungi by mechanical grinding, wash with soapy water and allow the background to dry.
»It is recommended to leave the surfaces of fresh cement, putty, plaster, plaster and asphalt to dry for at least 4 weeks, before the application of KRAFT TOTAL PROOF PU AQUA.
»Use suitable KRAFT sealant to fill joints and cracks and to repair worn surfaces.
»On absorbent surfaces (cement, concrete, etc.) apply KRAFT ECO DUR AQUA diluted with 80% water and let it dry.
»On non-porous surfaces (ceramic tiles, mosaics, metals, etc.) apply a layer of KRAFT EPOXY AQUA FLOOR PRIMER Transparent and let it dry.
»On asphalt surfaces or old acrylic or polyurethane paints apply a layer of KRAFT TOTAL PROOF PU AQUA diluted with 20% water and let it dry for 24 hours.
»Apply the material with a roller, brush, brush or air gun without dilution in one or two coats crosswise with 6 hours repaint interval.
»In difficult places, apply more thickness or more layers of material. You can also use special gauze and / or KRAFT HYDROGUARD NET to reinforce these points.

»Painting tools: Brush, roller, air gun or airless.
»Cleaning: Immediately after application, clean tools with hot soapy water or detergent, as well as product residues.
»Dilution: Ready to use.
»Surface drying time: 1-2 hours, at 25ºC and 50% relative humidity (drying times are extended in wet / cold conditions).
»Minimum repaint time: 6 hours.
»Stir well before use and during application.
»Do not apply at temperatures below 5ºC and above 35ºC as well as above 65% relative humidity.
»It is recommended to apply KRAFT TOTAL PROOF PU AQUA in hot weather conditions in the early morning hours, when the surface temperature of the roof is less than 30οC and not below direct sunlight.
»It is recommended to use the surface after 48 hours and depending on the percentage of relative humidity.
»The membrane acquires its full strength after 7 days in normal conditions of temperature and relative humidity.
»Do not apply in case of impending rain for the next 2 days.

TOTAL PROOF PU AQUA Waterproof for Roofs

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