Basic coating, without cement, for reinforcement of thermal insulation boards of the ClimaTotal system. Ready to use.

Ready to use, organic coating of high elasticity and strength. It consists of a polymer suspension, microfibers, natural granules and additives. It is fiber-reinforced and works perfectly with the anti-alkaline reinforcement mesh of StrongNet fiberglass, offering excellent anti-cracking protection. It has very strong adhesion to all standard substrates, such as concrete, lightweight concrete, bricks, concrete blocks, coatings, as well as the thermal insulation boards used in the ClimaTotal external thermal insulation system. It has excellent mechanical strength, high water vapor permeability and perspiration. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and friendly to the user and the environment. Fully complies with the European Technical Directive ETAG 004 and the European standard EN 15824 and is certified according to ETA 10/0122 as part of the ClimaTotal system.

»Excellent behavior in shock stresses
»Ready to use, does not contain cement
»Excellent weather resistance
»Does not require the use of intermediate acrylic adhesion primer


»The application substrate must be flat, clean of loose and foreign bodies such as e.g. residues of mud, plaster, paints, oils, etc. Application as a basic reinforcement layer in External Thermal Insulation Systems (ClimaTotal).
»After the installation of the thermal insulation boards, the mechanical fastening is done with plastic or metal plugs where necessary. The plug heads are closed using special polystyrene plugs, which are glued with low-swelling polyurethane foam. Also, the gaps between the joints of the thermal insulation boards are filled with low-swelling polyurethane foam. Then the special pieces are fixed (angle caps, drippers, expansion joint profiles, etc.) using TotalBond on the thermal insulation boards. The surface of the thermal insulation boards should be uniform. Then apply a uniform layer of TotalBond 2-4mm thick on the thermal insulation boards with a stainless steel toothed spatula and immediately immerse the anti-alkaline glass mesh completely in the mass of the base layer. The surface of the base coat is flattened and smoothed using the smooth side of the spatula. The overlap of the strips of the base layer grid should be about 10cm. The grid should be completely covered by TotalBond.

»Tools: Apply the product with a stainless steel metal spatula or viscous material gun.
“Cleaning tools: immediately after application, tools should be cleaned with warm water and soap or a detergent solution.
»Dilution: TotalBond dilution is not recommended.
»Repaint time: 24-48 hours at 25ºC and relative humidity 50%.
»Complete drying time: Depends on temperature and relative humidity.
Stir the product before use and at regular intervals during application with a mechanical drill.
»Do not apply at temperatures below 10 ° C and above 35 ° C as well as at humidity levels above 65%.
Do not apply in case of imminent rain or in direct sunlight and wind.
»Surfaces must be protected from the sun, wind and rain with special protective covers.



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