Mineral strong adhesive and protection of External Thermal Insulation System.

Strong Bond is a one-component, cement-based cementitious mortar modified with organic additives. It is a specialized product recommended for the welding and plastering of thermal insulation boards, such as expanded polystyrene (EPS), extruded polystyrene (XPS) and rock wool, in the external thermal insulation system CLIMAtotal ® by BIOCLIMA. It consists of cement, quartz sand, limestone fillers, improving additives. Strong Bond product has very strong adhesion to all standard substrates, such as concrete, lightweight concrete, bricks, aerated concrete, concrete blocks, cement boards, coatings, as well as thermal insulation boards, high elasticity, resistance to cooling and moisture. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and friendly to the user and the environment. Complies with European standards EN 998-1 and ETAG 004. Strong Bond in combination with fiberglass can be used as a cracking layer to cover connections of different types of masonry (aerated concrete, aerated concrete bricks, etc.) the channels in the masonry of the electricians and the plumbers, to strengthen the edges of the openings (in doors and windows) in order to avoid future cracks, to smooth surfaces etc.

The application substrate must be flat, free of loose and foreign bodies such as mud, plaster, paint, oil, etc. and without large cracks. The substrate must also be stable and free from shrinkage and deformation stresses and free from vibration.
In a clean container add 6-6.5 L of clean water and gradually empty the contents of a 25 Kg bag of Strong Bond product, stirring constantly with an electric stirrer, so that a homogeneous mass of mortar is obtained. Allow the resulting mixture to mature for 5 minutes and stir a little again. The mixture is ready for use for the next 4 hours. After the preparation of the mixture, the additional addition of water is prohibited to correct the workability of the mortar. This will reduce its strength and increase its shrinkage.

Application as Glue
Application on flat surfaces:
»STRONG BOND is spread on the thermal insulation plate with the smooth side of the spatula and then the layer of glue is combed evenly with its serrated side.
Application on uneven surfaces:
»STRONG BOND is spread with a trowel all around the perimeter of the thermal insulation board and points in the center. Press the thermal insulation board firmly on the wall to ensure uniform contact of the adhesive. The final surface must be completely
flat. The open time is 15 minutes after applying the glue. Excess glue must be cleaned from the joints. If the glue “peels” before applying the thermal insulation board, remove it and apply fresh.

Application as Basic Coating
»After installing the thermal insulation boards, add the mechanical supports (plastic or metal plugs) where necessary. We seal the holes from the plugs, the joints of the slabs with low-expansion polyurethane and we place the corner caps and pieces of mesh in order to strengthen the edges of the openings. Then apply with the “American spatula” a uniform layer of Strong Bond mortar 1 – 3mm thick on the thermal insulation boards, and immediately place the glass mesh (Strong Net), so that it covers the joints of the boards and covers by 10cm the previous one. grid. Press it with the spatula to be incorporated in the layer of glue and add, also with the spatula, another thin layer of mortar 1-2mm, so that it completely covers the grid and has a flat surface. During the application but also during the next 24 hours the temperature of the environment and the substrate must be between + 5oC and + 35oC. The glue when still fresh is cleaned with water. When hardened it is mechanically removed. After the mortar is completely dry, we apply the PLASTER PRIMER and as a final protective coating we can apply alternatively: WATERPROOF PLASTER / FLEXO PLASTER / ACRYLIC PLASTER and CLIMACOMFORT

»Tools: Apply the product with a stainless steel metal spatula or viscous material gun.
“Cleaning tools: immediately after application, tools should be cleaned with warm water and soap or a detergent solution.
»Mixing ratio: water 4: 1 parts by weight or 25 Kg of dry mortar in about 6.3L of water.
»The consumption of Strong Bond is about 4-6kg / m² as an adhesive and 4-5kg / m² as a basic reinforcing coating. It depends on the type of thermal insulation boards, the tools and the application method.
“Stir the product before use and at regular intervals during application with a mechanical drill.
»Do not apply at temperatures below 10 ° C and above 35 ° C as well as at humidity levels above 65%.
“Do not apply in case of imminent rain or in direct sunlight and wind.


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