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SATAjet 5000 RP and Digital with Digital Pressure Indication
• Revolution in the Method of Painting and the Requirements We Had Until Today from a Paint Gun.
• Complies with the Highest Standards of All Color Companies Worldwide.

SATAJet 5000 B RP Reduced Pressure Technology
• Unsurpassed spray quality on varnish and automotive materials.
• Fan Width from 12cm up to 38cm with the highest coverage in its category.
• Lighter than all professional pistols on the market, weighing just 356gr.
• Unsurpassed economy in the material we spray after minimizing losses (paint traces) while at the same time increasing productivity in paint coverage.
• Very low spray sound thanks to the perfect finish of the pressure injectors (injectors) resulting in relaxing work.
• High resistance to corrosive washing materials.

Areas of Application
• Water soluble and conventional car and body repainting materials
• Boat and SupeYachts repair industry and painting of metal boats.
• Furniture industry and wood construction industry.
• Metal industry and architectural maintenance.

SATAJet 5000 B RP Unsurpassed Quality of Construction
• New improved side fan adjustment with just 1/4 of a turn
for immediate reaction and adaptation to dyeing requirements.
• Ergonomically designed handle to “tie” in the hand of the professional
laziness and become its natural extension.
• Ideal for conventional and water soluble materials.
• Compatible with all SATA RPS containers with a capacity of 300ml
up to 900ml for greater autonomy and economy.
• For full autonomy or SATAjet 5000 B HVLP & RP version can
connected to the new Adam SATA digital controller.
• Compatible with all colors of major paint companies.

SATAjet® X 5000 RP 1.3mm – 0.6 l QCC

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