100% Acrylic water trowel for indoor and outdoor use

Acrylic water putty for indoor and outdoor use with high resistance to moisture and frost. Spatula putty for wood, plasterboard, cement boards, plaster, primed metals, which is easily sanded and strengthens the surface. It is superior to the traditional putty or paretina putty, which have a time-consuming drying process, often show yellowing and cracks or patches in the final color. It is ready to use. It is quickly repainted with plastic, acrylic or varnish paints, without creating cracks or detachments.

»It works softly
»It dries quickly
»Fills, spreads and rubs exceptionally

To ensure good adhesion, the surface is required to be dry, clean and free of dust, grease, salts, rust, loose paint and residue, puffy paints, etc.
On surfaces with mold, psoriasis, fungi, greenery: removal of loose residues, 1 coat of KRAFT MOLD BLOCKER, cleaning, priming with KRAFT ECO DUR AQUA and 2 coats of KRAFT SPACHTEL.
Fresh cement, plaster, plaster: applied after at least 30 days, after being primed with KRAFT ECO DUR AQUA.
New wooden surfaces: sanding, cleaning, application of one layer KRAFT WOOD CARE WATER WATER PRESERVATORY or KRAFT WOOD CARE SOLVENT WOOD CONSERVATOR, and 2 or 3 coats of KRAFT SPACHTEL.


Immediately after application, clean the tools with hot soapy water or detergent, as well as product residues.
Without dilution.
»Surface drying time: 30-45 minutes at 25 ° C and 50% relative humidity (drying times are prolonged in wet – cold conditions).
»Minimum rubbing time: 3-4 hours.
»Repaint in 24 hours.
»Do not apply at temperatures below 10 ° C and above 35 ° C as well as at relative humidity above 65%.
»The final color is applied after the KRAFT SPACHTEL is primed with a layer of KRAFT ECO DUR AQUA or KRAFT HAFT.

SPACHTEL 100% Acrylic Putty

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