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Paint System for Automotive Industry:

Water-based topcoat systems are state of the art since the implementation of the VOC-Directive in Europe and other parts of the world. In the OEM segment, this standard applies even longer. But the technical innovation of these systems goes on. Experiences over the last years and decades as well as the development of new raw materials lead to a consistent
improvement of Mipa paint systems.

Mipa WBC can be applied in conventional spray booths and common spray guns whereby further investments are
avoided. The ready-mixed paint has no pot life. Residual quantities are therefore reusable for a long time which results
in declining waste disposal costs.

Mipa WBC is applied in 2 layers with a short flash-off. The application of a subsequent half coat results in a perfect colour. Due to its fast final drying, this application process is as fast as other systems without flash-off between coats. In comparison with conventional systems, there are no disadvantages in the overall processing time thanks to the elevated hiding power. The material consumption can even be reduced by at least 25 %.

Mipa 2K-HS Clearcoats Only the clear coating provides the effect characteristics of a basecoat and its durable protection. MIPA offers different variants of clearcoats as VOC-compliant solutions for all kind of users and application areas. The combination with Mipa 2K-HS hardeners leads to brilliant surfaces with excellent flow. The resistances against any environmental influences achieve best results in comparison to former MS systems.

Paints for automotive industry – cars, engines, trucks, etc. Mixing thousands colours on water base (WBC). Contact us for prices and more information.

MIPA Water-based Topcoat System


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