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Looking for the best economy/performance ratio? Choose the Rhynalox White Line

Product overview:
Indasa’s Rhynalox White line and PlusLine dry sanding sheets offer additional flexibility for sanding shaped, edge and embossed surfaces and offer high performance on softer materials leaving a high quality finish. RHYNALOX WHITE LINE (36 grains to 120 grains) RHYNOLOX PLUS (150 grains to 600 grains)
The anti-clogging lubricant layer prevents blush spotting and scratches.
PlusLine sanding sheets are excellent for dry sanding and finishing of fillers, primers, topcoats, cleaners, composites, wood and wood coatings.
Sold in full size sheets, in 5 packs and 50 sheets per sleeve.

Implementation proposals:

  • Dry rubbing
  • Sanding and finishing of resin sanding, fillers, primers, top and transparent coatings, composites, wood surfaces and wood coatings

Features and benefits:

  • Stainless steel polish, which can be used to process the material:
  • Additional flexibility for sanding shapes, edges and embossed surfaces
  • Anti-clogging lubricant layer
  • High performance on softer materialsHigh quality finish

Product Specifications:

  • Weight of latex
  • Lubricating coating (150 to 500 grit)
  • Aluminium oxide abrasive
  • Sheets 9″ x 11″
  • 5 sheets per pack of 5 and 50 sheets per case


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