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Built to handle any detail situation, the new LHR 15 MarkIII is the new frontier of detail. The ergonomic design allows precise paint correction in total comfort on curved surfaces and hard-to-reach areas. The LHR 15 MarkIII operates at higher rpm compared to the LHR21 MarkIII. This increased speed provides equivalent correction and does so with a cushion diameter and trajectory that is more conducive to curves or varied surfaces.

Tachyderm: the support plate follows an orbit (the width of which depends on the distance between the axis of rotation of the drive shaft and the central axis of the support plate) and is free to rotate around its own central axis. The support plate is free to rotate at different speeds and directions under the effect of centrifugal force of motion displacement and under the effect of friction. If the friction forces are such that they prevent the disc from rotating while the tool is still running, the random orbital motion will simply become orbital motion. The number of spins of the disc is variable and independent of the number of orbits performed. Random orbital motion is currently the best compromise in terms of efficiency and quality of surface treatment.

The MarkIII’s rubber front handle offers excellent operator comfort while providing a non-slip surface for control. The improved rear grip also incorporates rubberized surfaces for improved feel. Two strategically placed, non-marking tool holders provide stability when the tool is not in use, as well as additional protection against unintentional impact. The continued refinement of the BigFoot random orbit platform on the MarkIII reinforces its best-in-class reputation, making the best even better.

The new electronic speed control dial allows easy adjustment of the maximum speed of the polisher without requiring the operator to move his hands. The larger dial is easily adjusted with a flick of the thumb. High-visibility numbers and more positive feedback from dial movement make speed changes seem more deliberate, allowing operators to select the ideal speed for the job without any interruption to the polishing process.

The new extra long 9 metre Heavy Duty cable is measured to provide maximum power to the polisher for safe and efficient operation. The longer cable saves you time, steps and hassle, since the user doesn’t have to use additional extension cords when polishing around a car.

Adding an extra level of control is the new progressive trigger. Acting as a throttle to control gears within the range of the selector, the progressive trigger allows the operator to make fine adjustments for precise control without interrupting the process or the need to reposition the handle to access the speed selector.

Attention to detail is more than just an attractive design. Every detail, such as the rubber support mounted on the body of the machine to keep it stable during off-work stages, is the result of meticulous research aimed at achieving maximum operator comfort.


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