Elastomeric water putty with microspheres

It is applied to cements, walls, concrete, elenite, cement slabs, plasterboard joints, wood, boat reefs, primed metals. Reinforced with glass mesh or gauze is suitable for cracks up to 6cm deep and 2cm wide, as well as for repairing cracks from structural defects in concrete. It contains special microspheres, so that it fills without difficulty, shrinks slightly during drying and in addition to heat insulation and easy rubbing. Excellent adhesion and excellent resistance to moisture, frost and strong stress. High adhesive capacity in different building materials. It leaves the film open so that no surface cracks are created. Ready to use.

»It works easily
»Spreads evenly
»Fills effectively
»High adhesive capacity

The surface must be dry, clean and free of dust, oils, salts, rust and other debris.
»On new and / or absorbent surfaces, primer with KRAFT ECO DUR AQUA diluted 80% with water.
»No need for dilution.
»Mix the material well before use and during application.
»Apply the material with a spatula, stucco or steel to fill cracks and dents up to 1cm. For larger cracks use a suitable KRAFT sealant.
»Can be sanded after complete drying with suitable sandpaper.
»Repaint after complete drying with any water-soluble plastic or acrylic paints or varnishes of KRAFT after proper preparation.
»Immediately after application, clean tools and product residues with soap and water or detergent.
»Keep containers tightly closed when not in use.
»Store before and after use in a cool place away from sun exposure or frost.
»Avoid application at temperatures below 5 ° C or above 35 ° C and relative humidity above 65%.
»The surface drying time is 3 to 4 hours at 25ºC and 50% relative humidity.
»Drying times are prolonged in wet / cold conditions
»Avoid inhaling dust using a suitable respiratory protection device when rubbing.

PUTTY – Kraft Paints

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