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Multi-Air Soft-Touch discs feature a soft foam backing for high performance and extremely long life. The foam layer absorbs any difference in surface contour during sanding without cutting the paint layer, maintaining excellent cutting action for a very high level of finish. In addition, the Soft-Touch prototype system is designed to provide a solution for each specific application. The foam backing is colour-coded to make it easier to identify the disc required for each grinding job.


  • High quality, heat-treated aluminium oxide grain
  • Fibre reinforced latex paper
  • Water-based No-Fil coating
  • No pigment in the No-Fil system or in the welding system
  • Flexible and coloured foam substrate with self-adhesive handle
  • Multi air hole configuration
  • Colour coded discs


  • Faster cutting speed
  • Improved performance
  • Flexible & tear resistant
  • Improved load resistance
  • No risk of paint transfer
  • Allows contour grinding without cutting
  • Maximum dust absorption for a clean work surface and increased durability

Multi-Air A275 Soft Touch discs 150mm(PACK:20pcs)

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