High quality alkyd solvent substrate for indoor and outdoor use. It is suitable for repainting metal, wood and other surfaces after the primer and before the final coating. Contributes to rust protection, dries quickly and rubs easily.

»Enhances traction
»Contributes to rust protection
»Fills the surface, smoothing out imperfections

To ensure better adhesion, the surface must be dry, clean and free of dust, grease, debris, loose old paint, etc. In case of rusty surfaces, scrub and remove debris.
On new metal surfaces: before coating, apply 1 coat of KRAFT RUST BLOCKER and then 1-2 coats of KRAFT METAL PRIMER.
On wooden surfaces: before coating, apply 1 coat of KRAFT WOOD CARE for protection against insects and fungi and then 1-2 coats of KRAFT METAL PRIMER.
On walls, plasters: Rub and apply 1-2 coats of KRAFT METAL PRIMER. Then apply the final coat.
Allow new plaster or cement surfaces to dry completely for at least 30 days before applying the paint.

»Ready to use. If necessary, before you start painting, dilute the paint by adding 5-10% by volume KRAFT BRUSH SOLVENT or up to 10% by volume KRAFT NITRO 1100, for application with an air gun and mix well. For airless applications, dilute up to 5% by volume with KRAFT NITRO 1100.
»Suitable painting tools are: brush, roller or air gun
»Apply 1-2 coats of KRAFT METAL PRIMER for an ideal result. Then apply 2 coats of KRAFT final product.
»Apply only in open or well-ventilated area.
»Minimum repaint time 24 hours.
»Surface drying in 2-3 hours at 25ºC and relative humidity 50%. The drying time is affected by the weather conditions.
” Do not apply at temperatures below 5°C and above 35°C and above 65% relative humidity.


»Clean the tools immediately after use, with KRAFT BRUSH SOLVENT and then with warm soapy water.
“Close the container tightly to keep it in good condition for future use and store it before and after use in a cool place away from exposure to sunlight or frost.

METAL PRIMER for Metallic Surfaces – WHITE

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