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Top paint of high durability for easy cleaning. High-strength interior masonry paint. Due to its special composition and the technology of the Ceramic Microspheres of 3M περιέχει that it contains, it makes it an ideal solution for painting walls in areas that are often soiled and require resistance to frequent cleaning and polishing, such as children’s rooms, kindergartens, corridors, schools, etc. .
Certified with the most complete European voluntary program Indoor Air Comfort ™ GOLD by Eurofins as a Best-In-Class product in its category with extremely low emissions of Volatile Organic Compounds contributing to the healthy atmosphere of the space and the quality of life. Due to its advanced special composition, it has exceptional ease of work without a tendency for splashing and soiling of the spaces, providing great efficiency and coverage. Creates a specially textured semi-mat surface that stands out from the lighting and architecture of the space, giving bright shades and a sense of purity. Ideal for spaces of high aesthetics, living rooms, etc. Suitable for toys and children’s furniture (EN71-3).

»With ceramic microspheres of 3M ™
»High resistance to stains, frequent washing and rubbing
»Special composition so as not to get dirty during application

The surface must be smooth, dry, firm and free of dust, other debris and loose old paint. Smooth rough surfaces if necessary. Wet scrubbing is recommended to prepare the surfaces. Avoid creating dust and
the report to it.
»On new or trowel surfaces: Required to be fully mature. Before applying the paint, apply a coat of KRAFT ECO DUR AQUA water primer.
»On surfaces that need repair: Use KRAFT SPACHTEL or KRAFT PUTTY or the appropriate KRAFT repair material.
»On surfaces with stain problems: Use the KRAFT ECO STAIN BLOCKER AQUA stain insulation first.
»On wooden surfaces: Before applying the paint, apply a coat of KRAFT VELATOURA AQUA.

»Before you start painting, dilute 8 – 15% vol. with tap water
and stir well.
»You can paint the surface with a roller, brush or airless gun.
»For an ideal finish on a new or smooth trowel, a roller of microfibers 0.5 – 0.8 cm is recommended.
“The product must be coloured exclusively with the KRAFT INSPIRED COLOR colouring system on the recommended colouring base.
“For uniformity in shade and final finish, it is recommended to use containers from the same production batch. In case of different batches it is recommended to mix them in one large container.
” Do not apply at temperatures below 5°C and above 35°C and above 65% relative humidity.
»Apply 2 coats of KRAFT MASTER EASY CLEAN for an ideal result.
»Minimum repaint time: 24h.
»For large color changes or for painting with dark shades, first paint the KRAFT ECO STAIN BLOCKER AQUA in a light shade of the same color family.

»Clean tools immediately after use with warm water
and soap.
»Close the container tightly to keep it in good condition for future use and store it before or after opening in a cool place away from sun or frost exposure.
»You can wash the surfaces gently with a soft sponge and water and in case of persistent stains with a little detergent, after at least 15 days from their painting. DO NOT use a rough sponge. Dark shades are less resistant to frequent washing.


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