Water soluble, odorless, transparent polyurethane-based varnish (one component), for wooden surfaces exposed to adverse weather conditions. Suitable for application on ships, yachts, yachts, as well as for doors, windows, pergolas, wooden outdoor furniture, etc. It has excellent spreading and great elasticity, without popping or peeling. Contains UV filters that protect wood from the sun’s ultraviolet rays and special additives that give it strong water repellency.
• Water soluble, transparent varnish
• Water repellent, with UV filters, ideal for wooden surfaces exposed to adverse weather conditions.

Available colorless in glossy finish.

Surfaces must be clean, dry, without resin or oil and sanded,
Diaxyl Décor preservative is applied to new wooden surfaces.

The product is stirred well before use. Apply in one or two coats with a roller, brush or spray gun with a dilution of up to 10% with water. It should not be applied at temperatures lower than 5°C, higher than 35°C and/or relative humidity above 80%.
The product is dry to the touch in 1-2 hours and repainted after 6-8 hours. These times vary depending on the weather conditions (relative humidity and temperature).
Tools are cleaned immediately after use with water and if necessary with soap or detergent.



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