One component acidic silicone sealant

KRAFT MOLD RESIST 23 is a one-component acid-type silicone. It is suitable for sealing and gluing structures made of glass, porcelain (tiles, etc.), non-porous ceramics. It has excellent adhesion to varnished or painted wood and many plastics such as epoxy, polyester etc.
Due to its special composition, it is highly resistant to water and fungal growth and is recommended for application in sanitary ware, kitchens, showers, bathrooms, etc. It matures quickly on contact with atmospheric air. It can not be painted with common colors.

»Water resistance
»Resistance to mold growth
»Great flexibility

To ensure good adhesion to the background, the surface is required to be dry, clean and free from dust, oils, salts, rust, loose paint and residue, puffy paints, etc.
»Cleaning with KRAFT WHITE SPIRIT is recommended.
To prevent soiling on the lips of the joints, an adhesive paper tape is placed along them, which is removed immediately after sealing before the material hardens.
»The application of the material to the joint is done using a handgun or air pistol. The nozzle is cut obliquely in an opening proportional to the sealing width. The surface of the material is shaped with a spatula while it is fresh.
The width of the joint should not be less than 3-4 mm, nor more than 30-40 mm.
»It should not be used on substrates such as marble, concrete, plaster and other alkaline substrates because acetic acid is released during polymerization.
»It should not be used in contact with metals such as lead, copper, bronze, zinc because it corrodes them.
It can be discolored in contact with certain organic elastomers such as EPDM, APTK and neoprene.
»It is not painted.
»Cleaning: Immediately after application the tools as well as the product residues are cleaned with KRAFT WHITE SPIRIT. When the material is fully cured, it is removed mechanically.
»Do not apply at ambient temperatures below 5 ° C and above 40 ° C.

JOINT MOLD RESIST 23 – 280ml – Kraft Paints

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