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KRAFT HYDROGUARD ONE is a high-strength, high-strength, multi-purpose, cement-based brushable cement suitable for sealing concrete, cement, stone or brick surfaces. Due to the special composition of the aggregates it contains, it perfectly covers the holes of the concrete and presents excellent mechanical strength on high stress surfaces. It is applied to vertical and horizontal surfaces that are subject to positive hydrostatic pressures.

»Easy application
»High vapor permeability
»Excellent EPS and XPS traction
»High resistance to mechanical stress
»Corrosion protection


To ensure good adhesion, the application surface should be clean, compact and free of dust, oils, lime, tar and loose elements. Work joints, poorly concreted nests, cracks and other large gaps must be repaired with suitable repair material, such as KRAFT STRONG REPAIR 84. Degreasing with metal surfaces with KRAFT BRUSH SOLVENT is recommended.


»Before applying the mixture on structural surfaces, wet the surface with water until saturation.
The mixture is prepared using an electric stirrer at low speed in the proportions described above. Pour the water into a suitable empty container and add the Ingredient slowly as you stir. Stir thoroughly for at least 3-4 minutes. The mixture is ready for use when it becomes homogeneous without pellets.
After the preparation of the mixture, the additional addition of water is prohibited to correct the workability of the mortar. This will reduce its strength and increase its shrinkage.
»The application of the mixture on the substrate is done with a brush, roller or spatula in two layers crosswise avoiding the application thickness to be greater than 1mm per layer.
»For gluing EPS & XPS thermal insulation boards, the mixture is spread over the entire surface of the thermal insulation board. The heat-insulating plate is pressed hard on the substrate to ensure uniform contact of the mixture. The final surface of the thermal insulation boards must be completely flat.
»On the thermal insulation boards and in demanding points of the sealing, the use of anti-alkaline glass mesh KRAFT Hydroguard Net (75g / m2) is recommended to strengthen the cohesion of the sealing layer. The fiberglass should be completely immersed in the mixture and have a flat finish. In cases of use of fiberglass, the consumption of the mixture increases.
»Mixture workability: 45min at 25 ° C.
»Minimum application time of 2nd layer: 2-5 hours in favorable drying conditions.
»Immediately after application the tools should be cleaned with warm soapy water or with detergent solution. When the material is completely hardened, it is removed mechanically.
»Stir the product well, before application and at regular intervals during application.
»Do not apply at temperatures below 10 ° C and above 35 ° C as well as at relative humidity above 80%.
»Do not apply in case of impending rain or under direct sunlight and wind.
»For the complete maturation of the material, a minimum of 14 days is required depending on the sealing system.

HYDROGUARD ONE 40 Cementitious Waterproofing System – grey 25kg

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