Graphite Self-extinguishing Expanded Polystyrene. Certified according to EN 13163.

Neopor EPS 80 Gray is a new innovative Expanded Polystyrene material used in the CLIMAtotal external thermal insulation system. It has a silver-gray color and offers significantly improved thermal insulation efficiency (15% -20%) compared to conventional thermal insulation materials. With the exception of its improved thermal insulation performance even at low densities compared to Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), the Neopor EPS 80 Gray retains all the advantages of the mechanical and ecological properties of EPS. Neopor EPS 80 Gray is produced from self-extinguishing raw material which contains flame retardants.

»Lowest coefficient of thermal conductivity (λ = 0.032W / mK) of all foam plastics
»Dimensional stability
»Resistance to the growth of bacteria and fungi
»Zero toxicity
»Self-extinguishing fire behavior 100% recyclable
»Eco-friendly, produced without the use of CFC and HCFC
»Meets the specifications of standard EN 13163
»Complies with the European directive ETAG 004 for use in external thermal insulation systems (CLIMAtotal – ETA 10/0122)

»Before gluing the plates, the metal start guide must be installed (see BIOCLIMA Technical Form).
»The adhesive of the thermal insulation boards in the background is done using the Strong Bond welding material. The usual way of applying the adhesive is a continuous strip on the perimeter of the plate and in between 3 marks on the surface to be pasted. If the background is completely flat (eg cement board) then the Strong Bond adhesive is applied to the entire surface of the thermal insulation board with a 3-6mm serrated spatula.
»The welding material is never applied to the shocks of the thermal insulation boards and there should never be material in the joints of the thermal insulation boards since this creates thermal bridges.
It is recommended that the slabs be “tied” together at the corners, ie that there is no vertical joint. Bonding at an internal angle is not recommended. The plates are applied from bottom to top. Only below the start guide are applied from above
below. At the corners it is recommended that the slabs cover about 5-10 mm of the vertically applied ones and after the curing of the adhesive material (after one day) to be cut and rubbed.
The edges of the plates must always be rectangular. Slab contraction joints should intersect at the openings for columns, and should intersect at the openings for columns. Up to 5mm can be filled with polyurethane foam. A necessary condition of course is the flatness of the final surface of the thermal insulation boards.
It is not allowed to create joints (either horizontal or vertical) beyond the boundaries of a window or a door or any opening. It is recommended to install whole thermal insulation boards. Pieces of slabs at least 150mm long can be used in external thermal insulation systems but never at edges, corners and openings.


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