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Economical plastic paint for interior masonry and ceilings. It is suitable for frequent repainting, covers the imperfections of the surface providing a uniform matte finish. It is easy to apply with very good performance.

»Very good performance
»Covers imperfections
»Suitable for frequent repainting

The surface must be dry, stable and free of dust, other debris and loose old paint. Wet sanding is recommended for surface preparation.
»On new surfaces: Before applying the paint, apply a layer of water primer such as KRAFT ECO DUR AQUA or KRAFT DUR AQUA WHITE or KRAFT HAFT or Go! PLASTERBOARD PRIMER.
»On surfaces that need repair: use KRAFT SPACHTEL or KRAFT PUTTY or the appropriate KRAFT repair material.

»Before you start painting, dilute up to 10% vol. with tap water and stir well.
»Suitable painting tools are: Brush and roller
“The product must be coloured exclusively with the KRAFT INSPIRED COLOR colouring system on the recommended colouring base.
“For uniformity in shade and final finish, it is recommended to use containers from the same production batch. In case of different batches it is recommended to mix them in one large container.
»There may be a tonal deviation in some shades.
»The Go! INTERIOR White is painted with the basic colors KRAFT MASTER BASICS for unlimited light shades.
»Apply 2 coats of KRAFT Go! INTERIOR for an ideal result.
“Minimum repainting time 3 – 4 hours.
»Surface drying in 1-2 hours at 25 ° C and relative humidity 50%. The drying time is affected by the weather conditions.
“It is not advisable to apply the paint topically after the surface has been painted. There may be a difference in gloss or shade due to absorbency or application method. If necessary, total painting of the surface is recommended.
” Do not apply at temperatures below 5°C and above 35°C and above 65% relative humidity.


»Clean the tools immediately after use with warm soapy water.
»Close the container tightly to keep it in good condition for future use and store it before and after use in a cool place away from sun exposure or frost.


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