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Buy the G Plus dual action polisher and get FREE:
1. G3 Pro Microfibre Cutting Pad
2. G3 Pro Foam cutting pad
3. G3 Pro Foam Polishing Pad

G Plus double action polishing machine:

. 15mm Throw – Balancing the speed of paint correction with the vibration of the machine.

. Precision engineered counterweight – Minimizes vibration and associated user fatigue.

. Lightweight – Only 2.6 kg, reducing muscle fatigue.

. Speed Indicator – Allows you to polish at the recommended OPM for optimal performance.

. Included Back Plate – The 123mm multi-hole back plate promotes airflow to help maintain a

low polishing temperature.

The G Plus double action polishing machine has been developed according to Farécla’s specifications. The smooth-start motor helps reduce product splashes, while the speed stabilisation gives the operator consistent speed performance. The ergonomically designed handle fits comfortably in the operator’s grip and is an extremely well-balanced machine thanks to the precision CNC machined counterweight that minimises vibration and associated user fatigue.

The 15 mm track achieves a balance between speed and vibration. A longer throw than many orbital polishes gives faster paint correction, and has much less vibration than some longer throw polishes.

G3 Pro application pads and G3 Pro mechanical abrasive blends have been developed in combination with G Plus dual-action polish for optimum performance.

The thumb-operated speed selector provides the user with variable speed control from 2000 – 4500 oscillations per minute (OPM).

Generous 5 meter power cable.

G Plus Dual Action Polishing Machine + 3 Pads Free

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