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With air filtration up to 0.01 micrometers and activated carbon that removes pollutants up to 0.003 ppm for both breathing and spraying. It is designed to remove entrained dirt, liquids, oil and water from the compressed air flowing. The self-locking regulator in combination with the clear analog pressure gauge provides precise control of the air pressure. Supplied with wall mount bracket and ball outlet controlled air outlet.


– High efficiency filter designed to remove dirt, liquid oils and water from the spray and breathing air.

– Filtration up to 0.01 microns as well as activated carbon filter that removes pollutants up to 0.003ppm.

– Single output filter regulator with coalescer with activated carbon filter.

Technical specifications

– Meter range 0-11 bar (0-160psi)

– Maximum air flow: 25 cfm

– Air supply pressure: 18 bar

– Adjustable air pressure: 8 bar

– Main filtration: 0.01 micron

– Final filtration: ppm (odor removal).

– Sewerage:

3-level filter Consists of:

– 9450102: First stage, filter replacement element

– XA12: Second stage, spare coupling filter element

– AC12: Final stage, activated carbon replacement filter e



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