Mortar adhesion primer with synthetic resins for indoor and outdoor use
Acrylic adhesion primer with quartz sand, ready to use, which creates a rough surface and enhances the adhesion of mortars. It is suitable for use on exterior or interior smooth or low absorbency surfaces such as exposed concrete, tiles, plastics and metals. It has high resistance to alkalis. Creates ideal adhesion conditions for troweling painted and very smooth surfaces, plastering exposed concrete, priming large cracks or broken concrete (corners, etc.) to be plastered, gluing thermal insulation boards to non-structural surfaces (PVC, metal flooring) tiles. Prevents oxidation of metal surfaces thanks to ion migration technology.

To ensure better adhesion, the surface is required to be dry, clean and free of dust, oils, salts, rust, loose paint and residue, puffy paints, etc.
»Before applying, remove psoriasis, fungi and greens by mechanical grinding, wash with soapy water and allow the surface to dry.
»On metal surfaces it is recommended to degrease with KRAFT BRUSH SOLVENT. You can apply a coat of KRAFT MOLD BLOCKER and let it dry to ensure adequate protection against mold growth in the future.
»Use KRAFT PUTTY to fill in gaps, cracks and other worn surfaces.
When smooth surface is to be plastered, it is advisable to apply two coats of KRAFT BONDING PRIMER, in such a way as to maintain its “textured” texture.

»Tools: Apply the product with a roller or brush.
“Cleaning tools: immediately after application, tools should be cleaned with warm water and soap or a detergent solution.
»Dilution: Dilution of the product is not recommended.
»Surface drying time: 1-2 hours at 25ºC and relative humidity 50%.
»Time required before the application of the final coating: 6 hours at a temperature of 25ºC and relative humidity 50%.
»Stir the product before use and at regular intervals during application.
»Do not apply at temperatures below 10oC and above 35oC as well as at humidity levels above 65%.
“Do not apply in case of imminent rain or in direct sunlight and wind.


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