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Quick-drying primer, based on a combination of modified alkyd resins, with excellent corrosion protection. It is an ideal substrate for metal surfaces, offers strong adhesion, coverage, elasticity and perfect spreading.
• Quick-drying Primer
• High Corrosion Protection
• Excellent Durability

Available in gray and brown.

Surfaces must be cleaned with T 300 Brush Thinner, be dry and smooth, free of dust, oils and sanded with suitable sandpaper.

The product is stirred well before use. It is applied in one or two coats with a roller or brush with dilution 5% with Brush Solvent T 300 or airless pistol with dilution 5% with Pistol Solvent T 350. It should not be applied at temperatures lower than 5°C, higher than 35°C and/or relative humidity above 80%.
The product is dry to the touch in 45-60 minutes and repainted after 20-24 hours. After it dries completely, it is sanded with a suitable sandpaper, the dust is removed and Vitex water or solvent varnish is applied. These times vary depending on the weather conditions (relative humidity and temperature).
Rollers, brushes and stains on the floor are cleaned with Brush Solvent T 300 and then with soap or detergent. Pistols are cleaned with Pistol Thinner T 350.



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