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A timeless tool made in Japan, ideal for viscous paints, such as those of wooden frames.
The AZ3 HTE P.A.S. The AirGunsa series, manufactured by the Japanese Anest Iwata, is a reliable paint system characterized by high efficiency and excellent spray quality with wide and uniform fans even on the thickest materials.
It is the ideal tool for applying many paint materials, either water or solvent and from a simple primer to other viscous paints such as polyester, otherwise a high pressure pump would need to be used.
This is due to the new container of the AirGunsa series that applies the Pressure Assisted System (P.A.S.).
The nozzles of the pistol, the needles as well as all the points through which the material passes, are stainless steel.
The pistol head weighs 20-50g less than previous models and the new airflow valve offers greater precision in spray control.
The trigger has a very soft movement, so that the operator’s hand does not get tired during work
The redesigned cap as well as the smooth body of the pistol make cleaning the pistol particularly easy.
The pistol refill container has a capacity of 600 ml. and its lid is metal for even greater resistance to heavy industrial use.
The available injectors that can be used are: 1.3 / 1.5 / 1.8 / 2.0 (Nose / Needle mm).


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