One component polyurethane foam without (H) CFC, for thermal and acoustic insulation. Ideal for professionals. Compact composition. It dries quickly with the humidity of the air and the substrate. It offers excellent adhesion and resistance to heat, cold and the passage of time, but not to UV radiation. Once dry, the foam withstands temperatures from -40ºC to + 90ºC. Ideal for wedging and insulation of doors, filling gaps between ceilings and walls under construction, filling pipe passages in walls and floors and for various insulation in construction and restoration.

• One component Polyurethane foam
• For thermal and acoustic insulation

Available in yellow.

Surfaces must be clean, free of grease, dust and other materials. Moisten the surface with water, spraying it before application to accelerate curing. Protect your eyes and wear gloves and special clothing. Upholstery, carpets and furniture should be covered with paper or plastic sheet.

The application requires a minimum container and ambient temperature of + 5ºC. The best container temperature is + 20ºC. Shake about 20 times before use. Carefully unscrew the applications on the valve. Adjust the flow with the pressure exerted on the valve. For the filling of closed joints or joints up to 4 cm, a layer of foam is enough to cover and insulate the surface. Large joints and joints deeper than 5 cm should be filled with multiple layers (allow the first layer to dry before the next). Waiting time between applications 15-30 minutes. Fresh foam can be removed immediately with acetone. After curing the excess foam can be removed with a knife or spatula and the foam surface can be worked. When dry, the foam can only be removed mechanically.
Barking time is 10-15 minutes and cutting time 60-100 minutes at 23ºC and 55% relative humidity. The curing time is 5-24 hours depending on the atmospheric conditions. Do not fill the gaps more than 50%, the foam will increase by 100-150%. It can be worked after 1 hour and plastered or painted after 24 hours. A light spray of water is required before each application. Polyurethane foams are sensitive to UV rays, so protect them with a layer of paint or plaster. Preferably empty the disposable container. Not recommended for application on surfaces subjected to continuous water wetting. It is not recommended to fill gaps tightly closed. Do not apply at temperatures below 5ºC and above 35ºC.



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